Sausage Bites

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Cocktail wieners in the slow cooker were at every party that I went to as a child of the 80’s.  Kids asked for them and grown men made meals on them.  These are still a huge hit at every party even if it’s just nostalgia.

Then, the standard recipe was a combination of grape jelly, chili sauce, and Lit’l Smokies. Now, we’ve updated and modernized the flavors and they are better than you remember.

We used Porter beer jelly, course ground dijon mustard, & local sausage for the batch pictured. Other favorite flavor combos include Pineapple Habanero and spicy brown mustard or Apricot Ale and chili sauce. The options are endless!

When serving remember to set out a small bowl to throw away empty toothpicks and a side plate with a spoon for guests who can’t get enough.

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Potlicker Sausage Bites 

  • 1 8oz jar of Potlicker Jelly*
  • 1/4c course ground dijon mustard
  •  2lbs  pre cooked sausage or 2-13oz packages of Lit’l Smokies

Spoon jelly into slow cooker and smash with a fork until loose and lumpy. Slice pre cooked sausage into bite sized pieces. Add sausage (or smokies) & mustard to the slow cooker and cook on high for 30 minutes before turning the heat to low.

Use toothpicks to skewer bites and serve warm from the slow cooker.



*If you do not have a full jar of jelly, use 4oz jelly plus 1/4c beer/broth