Entrepreneur, community minded, mom on the move.

Experienced at building, pivoting, and consulting, a small food business with international reach. From my kitchen to QVC, EMart, Wegmans, & more. Skills include Internet and Social Media Marketing, Sales, Personnel Management, Product & Graphic Design, Branding, Kitchen Management, Shipping, Recipe Development, Product Demo, Trade Show Display & Execution.

In charge of all things sticky, organizer & chief, flavor creator and boss lady.

As a life long volunteer I am an active member of the Junior League of Tampa & previously served on the Board of Directors of the Junior League of Champlain Valley. My time and talents have benefited a number of non-profit organizations by contributing to fundraising efforts, communications, branding, graphic & web design. Serving in leadership positions, member management, project coordination, community outreach, & (wo)man power.

“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you accomplished, it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

-Denzel Washington

All of Potlicker started with the blog. It began as a creative outlet in 2009, became a canning addiction, and evolved into a small business. After almost 10 years of manufacturing thousands of jars a week in my Vermont canning kitchen, I get a lot of help stirring the pot. Current production locations include Florida & Vermont.

Recipes have been developed in my kitchen, the flavors inspired by the ingredients around me, and my sweet savory preference. Preserves for use with cheese & charcuterie, cooking & baking, sandwiches & sauces.

Potlicker Kitchen

from roast to toast, we’ve got you covered.

I am a dedicated yogi (RYT fall 2023) and love to be outdoors. As a garden goddess & kitchen witch I fill my time with growing things (plants, ideas, skills) and learning how to use them. Forever a hobbyist photographer, you can find me on instagram the most.

Follow my IG @Ms.NancyJean. @PotlickerKitchen will remain dedicated to jam & things sticky.

Archaeologist to Entrepreneur

After relocating to Vermont, I found that my career in South Eastern Archaeology did not transition well. Luckily my interest in foraged/native foods and herbs thrived in New England. thePotlicker began as a blog to organize my interests, to document the foods I found, and introduce my friends to the foods I missed from home.

When I made my first batch of strawberry jam, there was a thrill that connected for me. My interactions with flavors did not have to be so fleeting. I could preserve it for later. How amazing to turn one piece of fruit into a jelly, or jam, or vinegar, or pickle?! A flower into candy or wine?! I found a sweet spot in jelly and made new flavors, just because I could.

Jamming and canning everything in sight, I eventually ran out of fruit & veggies. Turning to the cupboards for inspiration and ingredients was the inception of Potlickers’ signature Beer Jelly.  The original Beer Jelly and other unique flavors caught the attention of food lovers and taste makers across the country. 

Potlicker Kitchen had over 100 wholesale customers by the end of the first year and doubled in growth every year for the first 5 years. In our 6th year we distributed jam to 42 states & 6 different countries.

By 2018, Potlicker was an established New England brand with appearances on QVC & morning talk shows. Potlicker jam has been stocked in national/regional chains such as Wegmans & Hannafords, yet still found in boutique shops & sugar shacks.

In 2020, COVID threw my values into sharp relief and I made the difficult decision to close my kitchen & warehouse. After much needed rest and healing, Potlicker jams were brought back to market in the Fall of 2020.

My intended shift to co-packing was a wild ride and I chose to shift again by late 2022. Currently Jellies are made in small batches under cottage industry laws, Fruit Jams are largely produced in a commercial kitchen in Vermont.