Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

THANKSgiving recipe round up.

spring 2014 jelly top 6 (6)

Firstly I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who has ever spread the Potlicker love. Thank you for stopping by my booth, visiting my website, tasting our jelly, telling your friends, sharing a laugh, trying something different, supporting small business, and cheering us on.  A double huge Thank You to the Vermont Hand Crafters and the crowd that mobbed the Burlington Sheraton this past weekend in the name of art, friendship, and buying local.

Our little jam business is growing fast and we increase our output every month. We now hand pour up to 2500 jars of preserves a week! As the holiday season is starting to ramp up we are finding that we just don’t have time for everything we want to do.  Our friends and family are starting to wonder where we disappeared to.  Luckily we have this handy holiday around the corner. Ever the work-a-holics we are determined to take Thanksgiving day off!!

Potlicker37 (2)

For the first time ever we briefly contemplated going out for Thanksgiving dinner but the realization that there would be no leftovers really changed our tune. Leftovers are the best part!

If you are like me then you might benefit from a few last minute tips to get ready for the big day so I have pulled together some Potlicker ideas & recipes to help us all out.

THANKSgiving recipe round up. Click the title below each picture the the recipe.

beer jelly sticky buns (4)

 Beer Jelly & Bacon Sticky Buns

wine and cheese

Potlicker Cheese Platter

ccj dip

 Carrot Cake Jam Dip

 cranberry orange relish

Cranberry Orange Relish

white bread

 Butter bread

b sprouts (3)

Brussels Sprouts with bacon and maple

beer jelly ham (12)

Beer Jelly Glazed Ham

cast iron glazed jelly chicken (4)

Jelly Roasted Turkey (ok, so this is a chicken but it turned out great and totally applies to turkey!)

peanut butter pie

Peanut Butter Pie

chocolate nut pie

 Chocolate Nut Pie

Happy Thanksgiving