Blueberry Jam Mojito


blueberry mojito


Wait! The leaves are starting to turn and I have barely enjoyed summer! I know there is something in the “How To Enjoy Life Handbook” about spending summer on an inner tube in some lazy body of water?… Yes??….. I knew it!!

I am behind on some of this “Summer” thing.  I have cooked food on a grill & picked copious amount of fruit but really what is summer fun without sipping drinks while hanging onto a floatie? It’s like pretend summer.

Good thing I am awesome at pretending! Right now I am pretending hard core. In my pretend world my Twin is still here are we are floating down a river drinking sippy cups of jammy mojitos. In actuality I am pulling on a sweater and watching my late season cool crops start to really enjoy life. But, keeping the summer alive, I am still sipping on the jam cocktail.

While I am not the inventor of a jam cocktail, I certainly enjoy one. It may come as a shock to you but I have lots of jam hanging out.

There are plenty of ways to use up a jar of jam but one of the easiest and best for sharing uses might be a jam cocktail. The gateway jam-cocktail is definitely Jamgria (my recipe: jam + orange liquor + wine) or try THIS recipe from What Julia Ate or check out THIS feature about jam cocktails (spoonful of jam in gin! brilliant!)

The idea behind jam cocktails is substituting jam for a sugar and fruit muddle such as the one you would find in sangria or a mojito.

blue berry sage

While these other drink recipes are very lovely and very tasty, my favorite is a big jar of Jam-jito. Huh? A mojito made with jam! Ok, so the name isn’t as clever as jamgria, the drink is way more impressive.

Blueberry Jam Mojito

Build this cocktail in a 1/2gallon jar or a large pitcher. Combine:

  • 1/8 to 1/4c Blueberry Sage jam
  • 1 large handful of shredded mint leaves
  • 2 small limes, quartered and squeezed
  • 2c white rum. Try guava, vanilla, or other flavored white rum.
  • 1c ice
  • club soda

Shake or muddle ingredients together until the jam breaks down, the mint is fragrant, and the mix begins to froth. Serve from the jar using the lid as a strainer. Pour over crushed ice adding club soda to dilute to desired strength.

Enjoy while relaxing in warm water while hanging onto a ridiculous looking floatie.

blueberry jam-jito