Tip: Jelly Filling

Here in Jelly Land, I am always thinking of new flavors of, and ways to use, jelly. When people ask me what to do with all the jelly they have at home, I often recommend that they use their favorite flavor of jelly as a cake filling.

The easiest way to fill a cake is to slice it in half across the middle and slather it with jelly. If you want to get all fancy about it and try to fill cupcakes or doughnuts, I recommend using a piping tip made for just such a job (it’s called a Bismark tip).

You could also scrounge around the kitchen and medicine cabinet for a plastic syringe. The one that I happened across is clean, unused, and came from the veterinarian. Don’t judge, it works great.

To inject jelly into the center of a cupcake or doughnut pull the back of the syringe off and fill it with beer jelly. I found it helpful to insert the tip of the syringe into the cupcake before placing the stopper end of the syringe back in. Replace the plunger and inject jelly into the center of the pastry.

Voila! Jelly filling!


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