Carrot Cake Jam Dip

ccj dip

Opening a jar of Carrot Cake Jam requires some serious self-control. The rich flavor & thick texture of this jam makes it easy to eat out of the jar.  If you are like me and have zero self-control, you might want to hide the spoons.

It actually tastes like cake because this jam has everything but the flour and eggs. One of my earlier flavors (and still my favorite fruity jam), the jar is packed full of carrots, pineapple, pears, coconut, & raisins.

carrot cake jam

My favorite way to eat this jam is stirred into Greek yogurt. Holy Yum! The sour yogurt really compliments the sweet jam. I have also been known to stir it into pancake batter [like these Carrot Cake griddle cakes] or spoon it into a pie crust. Others tell me how much they love it stirred into oatmeal or in a PB&J. But the single most talked about use & requested recipe for Carrot Cake Jam comes from my friends at Cabot.


The Cabot store in Quechee has long been a friend of Potlicker and they carry a number of our jams including Carrot Cake Jam. One of the greatest things about shopping at the Cabot stores is that you get to sample all the goods! And how do you think they set out samples of jam? With Cabot Cream Cheese of course! They whip up cheese and jam to make a fabulous Carrot Cake dip that is perfect for snack time and parties.8oz_Cabot_Cream_Cheese

I have been asked what the secret recipe is at least 1000 times so here it is! Cream Cheese Carrot Cake dip ready to be served at your next party.

Serve this spread with pretzels, apples, and graham crackers for dipping.

cream cheese carrot cake dip

Cabot’s Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Dip

  • 1 8oz block of Cabot Cream cheese, softened
  • 4oz (half a jar) of Potlicker Carrot Cake Jam

Stir together the soft cream cheese and jam until well mixed. Refrigerate mix for 1o minutes before serving (optional).

That’s it! Enjoy.

ccj dip (2)