Store Highlight: The Barnard General Store

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Store Number 1 – The Barnard General Store

If you’re in the Woodstock/Bethel area and want a pretty drive to a cozy and quiet nook of Vermont, head over to the Barnard General Store.  Nestled in the quiet crossroads of the North Road, Rt12 and the Stage rd on the edge of Sliver Lake, the BGS is the Potlicker’s local general store.

silver lake from rt12 at BGS

Charming and comfortable the BGS is open for breakfast at 7am and you can pick up local beer or great wine until 8pm.  Stocked on the shelves you can find whole grain goodness from local bakers, high quality fish, local meats, and fresh organic vegetables. In need of more general supplies like toiletries, camping supplies, or souvenirs? They’ve got that too!

bgs shoping

The Barnard General Store was established in 1832 and stands as one of the longest running General Stores in Vermont. Account number 1 in our wholesale book, the BGS took a chance and stocked Potlicker jelly on a shelf next to the register.

Barnard General Counter

Our small town was pretty devastated when former owners couldn’t make ends meet and the landmark was forced to close up shop. But the community rallied and raised half a million dollars to buy the store. After months of interviews, the Barnard Community Trust selected new management to lease and run our beloved store.


New York natives Joe Minerva and Jillian Bradley swapped out city living in 2008 after falling in love with the Green Mountain State. The high school sweethearts always knew they wanted to run a business together. Together Joe and Jillian are nurturing the Barnard General to be the hub of our community yet again. Loved year round, the place comes alive in the summer when Silver Lake is host to visitors camping at Silver Lake Park, and locals alike.

blackberriesDSC05664wild blackberry lemon.

Find Potlicker Jelly stocked up next to the pb&j supplies. The very last jars of  2013 Wild Blackberry Lemon are stocked at the BGS, as well as some year round flavors like Carrot Cake Jam, & Green Mountain Ale.

Since you are in the area (presumably to check out my sweet blackberry patch) you should also say “HI” to some of our other Barnard neighbors…

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