Green Mountain Ale – It’s a Vermont thing!

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It’s a Vermont thing. Really. Did you know the Green Mountain Club was founded to establish and maintain the Long Trail hiking trail that runs from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian Border?

The more you know, right?! As it happens Long Trail Brewery is just around the corner from Potlicker HQ. The brew crew at Long Trail makes mighty tasty beer called Long Trail Ale which happens to be the main ingredient of our signature Vermont Beer Jelly: Green Mountain Ale.

Nice little circle, eh? We may be bias but we think that Long Trail Brewing has the coziest and most welcoming visitor center and you can find us at the bar in the ‘off’ season.

Long Trail

 With just 3 ingredients including Long Trail Ale we whip up a mighty tasty jelly. Green Mountain Ale jelly has no fruit in it. The jelly actually tastes like beer. Not a hit you over the head hoptastic beer but an easy drinking all day beer.

Green Mountain Alejelly jam (13)

We are prone to eating this jelly all day long too. Smear it on toast for breakfast, melt it into caramelized onions for burgers, or pair it with cheese and apples for dessert.


Why Vermont beer for the jelly?

Well we live in Vermont and drink Vermont beer ourselves. There is no argument that Vermont makes good beer (or cheese, or food, or ____, or!). Our state is home to some of the top craft brewers in the nation.  In fact our little state is a huge destination for Culinary tourism.

While we are not opposed to using beer from outside Vermont, we like to take our carbon footprint into account so even our smaller batch non-Vermont beer jellies are likely produced with beer from the North East.  Sometimes we get requests for jelly made with super exclusive beers. We definitely make exclusive jelly but we do not keep much in stock because I have to fight the urge to drink said rare beer before turning it into jelly. But truth be told, great beer makes great jelly.

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