Photos: A Family Affair & Final Harvest

Hopefully pictures speak more than words. Tall Dark & Handsome and I have been busy traveling to craft shows and visiting family.

Destination: Home state of Florida.

Kissimmee: We celebrated the wedding of my youngest cousin in style at the amazing home of her talented sister. Guests exclaimed “If Pinterest were a place, it would be here!” Every loving detail down to the cake made by Cousin’s talented sister at Cupcake Kisses.

Lutz: When visiting home in Florida we always make one night to enjoy a seafood feast on the back porch.

Mom and Dad spoil us with fresh from the dock stone crab that we dip into  mustard dipping sauce. The Florida gulf shrimp are dipped into sauces that we make by melting Potlicker beer jelly into vinegar.

Hailing from Tallahassee: Twin sister and I were blessed with twin nieces 1 year ago (I am sure their parents & grands feel blessed too) and we couldn’t resist loading them up with jelly and sending them back sticky to grandma.


Back in Vermont:

Winter is at our door and we finally take time to put the gardens to bed and pull the last of the carrots. One raised bed produced carrots for Carrot Cake Jam all summer and fall. We also planted garlic for next years Rosemary Garlic Chablis Jelly and pickled scapes.

We will be at more shows through the winter, stay up to date by checking Information page. Get your holiday orders in by Dec 15th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!

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