Balsamic Jelly Glaze Over Baked Fish

Balsamic vinegar jelly is my latest favorite flavor!

Recently, while keeping a gluten free diet to diagnose food allergies I had to give up my favorite beer jelly. A sad day in jelly land. What was I going to put on sandwiches and eat with cheese??

Balsamic Jelly turns out to be a great choice. Not only is it a non-alcoholic savory jelly, but it is a non-irritating option for my now sensitive belly.

The taste of this jelly is bold, dark, sweet, and tangy. I use it on cheese trays, sandwiches, chicken, ribs and even strawberry bread.

Here I use Balsamic & Garlic jelly to pair with my bitter green stir fry but this technique will also work well with beer jelly, pepper jelly and marmalade.

To show off the flavor of the preserves, opt for a medium or firm mild white fish such as tilapia, haddock or cod.


Balsamic Jelly Glazed Fish

The ingredients are listed per fish fillet. Multiply as needed.

  • 2Tb jelly
  • 1t yellow mustard seed (optional)
  • Salt/pepper

Line a broiler proof baking pan with foil.

Season fish liberally with salt and pepper and transfer fish to the baking tray. Using a fork, dollop balsamic jelly on top of the fish. Squish the jelly with the tines of the fork so that it covers most of the fish.  Sprinkle mustard seeds over top of the fish and bake at 375 for 5-7 minutes or until the flesh is firm.

Serve with Green and Grain Stir Fry