May photos, Congratulations TDH

Just another pretty spot in Vermont
market display
jams and jellies at the market
Roasted turkey with black beans and a trio of mango bbq sauces
The first chive blossoms of the year. Time for a fresh batch of chive vinegar.
The strawberries are coming in!
Congratulations Tall Dark & Handsome! Vermont Law c/o 2012 JD, MELP

The past couple of weeks have flown by! Before I completely jump back into reality, I would like to share just a few photos with you and take a minute to congratulate the love of my life on a spectacular achievement.

This silly little side trip to law school brought us to Vermont.  In the course of three short (long!) years, we bought our first home, added a puppy to the family, and started a small business.

Finding a new job and losing custody of TDH to law school meant that I had plenty of time to spare.  Besides running,  I also spent my time cooking. Cooking to share, cooking to create, and cooking like my life depended on it. What to do with a cooking hobby that becomes a way of life? Blog about it. This brings us to thePotlicker and the many food things that I have created.

So at the end of it all, as much as I hated sharing him with law school, The experience has brought us many wonderful things.

As we settle back into life, I look forward to experiencing more food with you and expanding Potlicker jellies into a full time business.

Congratulations Tall Dark & Handsome! You give me motivation and inspiration every single day.