Brussel Sprouts for Brussel Sprout Haters

So many people hate brussels sprouts, including Tall Dark and Handsome.  He dislikes just about any green as a matter of fact. I just don’t get it; he even refers to my beloved kale as a garnish! I often make myself some greens assuming that he will overlook them.

The night I served these he actually went back for thirds.  It was not my first time serving sprouts this way, but it was the first time TDH ate them.  Of course they became a perma-make in my file book.  Come to think of it… I wonder why I have not shared these already.

This was a recipe first served at Thanksgiving with my sisters in Tallahassee. The sisters were skeptical of it mostly because I poured maple over green vegetables, not because it was actually a vegetable.

The sprouts themselves are earthy, salty, sweet and crunchy all at the same time.  A favorite flavor/texture combination of mine I try to repeat often.  So much of the flavor in this dish is because of pork fat back.  If you do not want to use fat back, substitute olive oil, bacon, or duck fat.  Try adding something like sliced smoked duck sausage to make a meal out of it ::drool::

Choose your brussel sprouts wisely.  Look for medium to large sized sprouts that are tightly closed and not wilted. These will require less prep work and have a more robust flavor.  Save the small sprouts for roasting whole.

Brussel Sprouts for Haters

  • 12-16 Tight and bright brussel sprouts
  • 3oz Bacon or pork fat back
  • 1 Leek
  • ¼c Pecans, almonds or pumpkin seeds
  • 1/8c  Dried cranberries
  • 2t Maple syrup
  • Salt and pepper

Toast the nuts in the toaster oven.

Wash and slice the leek. Trim both ends and save the white and green parts separately.

Half and shred the brussels sprouts.

Render the fat back or bacon over medium heat. The goal is to melt the fat off without burning it. The result will be delicately-brown melty-fatty crispiness gently simmering in a pool of flavor.

Add the white part of the leek to the fat and cook until lightly golden. Turn up the heat to med-high. Then add the green leek and brussels sprouts, gently tossing while cooking for 2-4 minutes. Add the pecans and cranberries.

To finish, pour the maple syrup over everything and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve warm.

Enjoy and watch others devour!

4 Replies to “Brussel Sprouts for Brussel Sprout Haters”

    1. I ate runny yolks all the time when pregnant. My kids are fine. Sure, one likes to run aurnod bottomless singing about a teddy bear and the other gets drunk on milk numerous times a day but they’re good. Just like this looks. If I had not just eaten lunch I would likely have made this. I’m saving it for a dinner next week though now!

    1. Love brussel ptsours too! I’ve made them from fresh before but I boil them for a bit to soften them before I sautee or bake them. I bet you could roast the potatoes, boiled brussel ptsours & pancetta in the oven & it would be delish! I’m going to try it!! And the NABB too!!

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