I Have A Cherry Tree

Yesterday I spent most of my time in the garden. I helped beans climb twine and planted a new trellis. I harvested lettuce, weeded everything, and seeded fall veggies.  Most notably, I picked cherries.  Surprize! I have a sour cherry tree.  This thrills me to no end. I say “surprize” because some how we never noticed what kind of fruit was on the tree until it began to ripen. If I were a homebrew kinda gal then I would go big and try for a sour cherry lambic. But since I am just the small time eccentric I will probably turn these into jelly or preserve them in syrup.

Through trial and error, we noticed the cherries on the south side of the tree were the sweetest. I can only guess this is because they got more sun. With all my big plans for small time cherries, I wish that I had a cherry pitter…



THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank You so much for the pitter, lovely lady. You know who you are.