What to Cook When You Have No Stove

My range is broken. It has been a shocking three weeks since the stove caught fire. It sounds all dramatic when you say it like that, but really it was little flames, insulation and wiring. The first time I used the broil function in the stove that came with my home, we found that we were toasting acorns leftovers from the previous… ah hem.. tenants. 

We quickly put the range outside and figured we would get a new one. Now I look at an empty space everyday when I long to eat eggs for breakfast. I guess I will just have to settle for cereal or oatmeal.

 You would think that a range would be something that I could not possibly live without. Until you think about all of the other cooking appliances and how often I cook lately. Truthfully, I cook all of the time.  Most nights I work in a kitchen feeding other people. I just don’t feed myself lately.

 I have figured out how to feed my tall dark and handsome so that he has meals to eat while I am working and currently they have to be range-free meals. Can we say Crock-Pot chicken?? My grandmothers trusty Crock-Pot has been put to steady use recently. So has my fryer, my toaster oven, and my charcoal grill. Who says you need a stove??

On the menu today:

Breakfast: Crock-Pot Oatmeal with maple syrup, dried cranberries, walnuts and flax seed.

 Lunch: Buttermilk Fried Chicken over a seasonal garden salad. Can we say local veggies and cheese here!!

Dinner: Burgers and corn on the grill, hand cut French fries or toaster oven baked potato.

 Have a sweet tooth? Crock-Pot baked Apples in Wine topped with ice cream

The biggest draw back is baking bread, but I do believe that  I could also go Crock-Pot crazy and bake quick breads in the slow cooker by pouring batter into a coffee can mold seated on a trivet in the pot. I have personally never tried this, but in theory…. on high (or 300 degrees) for one hour.

Other Crock Pot ideas? Try a Toastada Pie using tortillas, frozen veggies, salsa, sour cream and cheese. How about poached Plums in Port? Easy Lasagna using frozen ravioli, sauce and cheese. Baked Squash Au Gratian. Bean soup. Homemade Chili. Corned Beef. Poached Salmon.  The list goes on…