Kitchen Tip: Pickle Juice


More Pickles Please!

Sad you have just finished that jar of pickles? Well don’t be! Now you have a very valuable jar of pickle juice.  You have many options here, if you are like me the first thought might be to drink the pickle juice.  That is a good option.  Not into drinking it? Try slicing fresh cucumbers into the old juice.  In a few hours you with have crisp pickles.  In a few days, they will be even better.  Pickle juice is also great for marinades, added to dressings, and for zing in your deviled eggs.

2 Replies to “Kitchen Tip: Pickle Juice”

  1. I always save my “Del Dixie Jalapeño Bread and Butter” pickle juice. The sweet and hot vinegar is delicious with fresh cucumbers and onions!

  2. wow i need some of those! i occasionlly just mix my jalapeno juice with my b&b juice

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