Kitchen Tip: Natural Face Scrub

Kitchen tip: face scrub

Did you ever think about the number of things in your kitchen that can be used for your beauty routine? Think of all the types of skin scrubs that you can make! Salt, sugar, oatmeal, corn meal…. 

My easy peasy exfoliating scrub for today uses brown sugar and olive oil.

Add just enough oil to moisten sugar and make a paste.  Feel free to add more oil or water to loosen the consistency.

To use on your face, scrub gently in a circular motion for a couple of minutes and remove with a warm damp wash cloth.


Ideas for homemade scrubs:

Brown sugar & olive oil, Banana & oatmeal, Yogurt, oatmeal & honey, Sea salt & almond oil, Honey & cornmeal

Almonds. Avocado. Banana. Berries. Corn meal/flour- great for oily skin. Cucumber- soothing. Herbs. Honey- natural antiseptic. Milk- good option for sensitive skin. Oatmeal- ground for face scrubs, coarse for masks. Oils. Salt- best for body scrubs or acne prone skin, finer texture = gentler scrub. Sugar- the finer the texture, the gentler the scrub. Water. Wheat germ. Yogurt- good option for sensitive skin

Any of the above can be used to make body scrubs. Salt is the least gentle on the face and oatmeal is good for sensitive skin. Think of using oils such as jojoba oil, baby oil, olive oil, and almond oil. Other great add in options are vitamin E and essential oils such as Neroli, orange blossom oil, that tones and repairs skin.

In a pinch? add a pinch of sugar to your favorite cleanser