Finally, Gift Sets are in stock.

As promised, beer and wine jellies have made the move to smaller sizes and I have packed them up ready to gift.  Shop The last day to order for Christmas shipping is December 15th, so get your orders in!

Fruit Jams are available in 9oz jars and are making their way back to stores. The familiar product you recognize, now made in Central Vermont. The Raspberry is seedy, the Blueberry is bourbony and the Pineapple Habanero is well balanced, both fruity and hot.

You will also find two larger (17oz) sized jars on the website. The SEEDLESS Raspberry Smoked Maple has a different texture than the original (no crunchy, bitter seeds) so it spreads smoother, like a jelly. The 17oz Pineapple Habanero is a spicier and thicker version than of the original.

New Product!

As you may know, I have also been working on a little project with my twin sister, Susan. An incredibly talented pastry chef serving elite DC clientele, she also holds a Bachelors degree from the Culinary Institute of America & has appeared on Food Network Challenges. Susan has brought us some great recipes over the years and I am so very proud to debut her original bake mix line with Potlicker Kitchen. You will LOVE these.

The first two flavors ready to share are Chocolate and Vanilla cake mixes. 

Simple ingredients, easy to make, stunning results. These mixes are larger in volume than the average box cake, which means that one box of cake fills two 8” cake pans. Mom’s like me (I hate baking but love decorating!) know that you have to buy multiple boxes of cheap cake mix to fill the pans. Not any more! Not only that, the icing is portioned perfectly to cover the cakes without too much extra. If you don’t like thick icing (who are you???) you might not use it all.

These cakes have a homemade taste in the best way possible. The chocolate cake uses Dutch processed coco powder and is not too sweet. The frosting is practically fudge especially if left to rest for a couple of hours.

The vanilla cake is laced with pure vanilla bean seeds and has a tender crumb that is not at all gummy or heavy, and the butter cream frosting is refined. There is bold natural vanilla flavor in this mix.

Shop these cake mix sets for yourself and stock your party pantry. Need a gift idea? Add a mixing bowl and apron. Don’t forget to order early!

Beer & Wine Jellies are not currently available for wholesale purchase. Wholesale fruit jam availability is subject to change depending on supply chain.