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Yet another snow storm is on the way. I love watching the snow fall but I like swimming and gardening too. The seasons are trying to change and so is my life. Some of the things that brought me to food blogging have disappeared or shifted.

I began cooking and thinking about food as a career when I had lots of time to fill. Tall Dark & Handsome and myself had recently relocated to Vermont and my new commute to work (driving from Tennessee to Vermont) was more than I could take. Traveling the country for archaeology lost appeal as soon as TDH stopped coming with me and started going to school. While searching for local Vermont work I found local food. I also found local beer.

My food fun and canning addiction brought the development of Beer Jelly and a surprising shift on the job search. While I have been slowly plugging away at laying the ground work for a business TDH has completed his masters, finished his law degree, and taken the bar exam.

A few months ago we toasted to him and then toasted to the next step. With his handy legal know how, and my sweet jelly, together we have plunged head first into jelly and jams, turning a dream into a reality.

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This opportunity leaves me little time to create elaborate meals and take pretty pictures but truly, I don’t mind so much. I love food but find less joy in cooking and eating it. In recently years I developed  a severe sensitivity to pepper fruits (posts here & here) and everything derived from them. This means no spicy food and diligent label reading. Paprika (from red peppers) is found in everything from chili powder to cheddar cheese & hot dogs. It’s a food coloring, who knew??

While I learn to adapt to this development (aka: devastating blow) I find making jelly, instead of dinner, an easy distraction.

In the next few months I hope to bring a few changes to the website. Since my goals have shifted so will this site. I will still be sharing things with you on the blog but the food blog is no longer center focus. Expect to hear more about our preserves and where we will be. Follow us on Facebook for updates and where track us down at markets for our coveted Vermont local fruit jams.

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Something that is very important to me… I want people to know that my point of view on food is not based on sugar and beer alone. I think that people should know where their food comes from and be aware of the impact of their food decisions. Never would I suggest that one eat a whole jar of jelly in a single sitting. Jams and jellies are meant to be used sparingly to add flavor to everything from toast to roasts.

That being said, Eat More Jam!

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