Toasted Crunchy Taco Shells

Necessity breeds invention. A low fat, crunchy taco without poor service eluded me until I had a magic moment that led me to perfect stand-alone crunchy taco shells.

Since I discovered this new trick, I eat tacos every single day.  Seriously, I have not been pleased with gluten free sandwich options and this makes me smile.

All you need is a toaster oven to make these taco shells. Place the wire rack of the toaster oven in the upper third of the appliance. Drape a soft corn tortilla over the wire rack so that it folds in half over the metal rungs. Toast the tortilla on high or “dark”. Alternately bake until the tortilla begins to turn golden brown and fold into a shell.

One Reply to “Toasted Crunchy Taco Shells”

  1. Brilliant. I love that. My kids have always been tortilla fans, but have now been turned onto taco shells, which I personally don’t like. This might work for both of us.

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