Wine Jelly Poached Pears

Poached pears are sophisticated, decadent and very do-able.  With only 3 ingredients including the fruit, these pears will stun your guests. The color of wine jelly poached pears are extraordinary and the taste sublime.

Poaching pears is not hard, but requires a little bit of attention to make them perfectly.  I occasionally baste the pears when cooking, because if the sauce fails to coat evenly, then there will be a small amount of discoloration.

When selecting the pears, I recommend choosing firm Bosc pears.  The flavor of this pear variety is rich and extra pear-y. It adds depth to the sauce. A firm pear is also important. Soft pears will break down in cooking and they are almost impossible to peel.

I made this recipe using a jar of Potlicker Spiced Red Wine Jelly and would also recommend the Burgundy Anise Wine Jelly. If you live outside of Vermont, and this is not yet available to you, a) demand that your local grocer carry this jelly!  b) use the substitutions listed.

Wine Jelly Poached Pears

  • 1 jar wine jelly   (sub apple jelly and spices (whole cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, lemon zest))
  • 1c water    (sub red wine)
  • 1lb pears (approx. 2 large), peeled and sliced into halves or quarters.

Begin by cutting a round of parchment that will fit into the pan. It does not need to be perfect but it does need at least one hole in the center. This parchment, when placed on top of the simmering pears, will keep the sauce from boiling over the pan and instead, help it bubble over the fruit. The small hole allows enough moisture to evaporate and encourages the liquid reduce to a luscious sauce.

On medium heat bring the melt jelly and water together. Add pears and turn the heat to low. Cover with parchment. Simmer 1hour.  While the pears are simmering, check on them occasionally to make sure the liquid covers the fruit.  Gently roll and baste the pears.

After an hour, the pears should be tender enough to pierce with a knife and the sauce should be thick enough to coat the fruit.

Gently scoop the pears to a serving dish and pour wine sauce over top.

Serves 4

Serve these tasty jewels with whipped cream, mascarpone or ricotta.

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    1. Thank you! they just absorb the color! when you slice into them there is a pretty red ring on the outside that reminds me vaguely of a radish. it is lovely sliced and fanned out, too.

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