Kitchen Tip: Cookie Dough Logs

Store extra cookie dough in log form for easy slicing and saving.

I like to make a batch of cookie dough and bake it over the course of a week (or more).  Sometimes I just want two cookies, sometimes I want two types of cookies. Cookie dough logs allow me easy clean up, space saving storage and are easy to portion control.  Dough logs eliminate the need for bulky tupperware or bowls and by keeping it in a convenient  form, I can easily store my own homemade variety pack; slice and bake style.

Simply scoop leftover cookie dough onto wax paper and roll it up.  It helps to heap dough into a linear mound and use the paper to help in rolling. Fold the ends of the paper in and store dough logs in a large ziploc bag.   

Cookies can now be frozen or baked fresh every night. Slicing and clean up is easy. Once frozen, cookie dough can kept for a month or more.  

Try this with sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies or even chocolate chip cookies.

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