Born and raised north of Tampa Florida, I watched the orange groves around us get cleared for progress. We too were part of that progress I suppose. Once a rural citrus and hemp farming town, Lutz, has been swallowed by suburbia. Our family property once thrived with more than 20 kinds of citrus, now only provides a few. Greening & blight laid us fallow for many years but I think maybe we are finally ready to replant.

Sunshine Citrus Marmalade was created in tribute to my youth. The sandy groves, the smell of orange blossoms, the sticky orange juice running down our arms as we ate the sun warmed fruit. My sister and I picked oranges on the walk home from the school bus and cleaned up in with water from the hose in front of the garage, also warm from the sun.

This mixed citrus spread is one of my only flavors that isn’t named exactly what it’s inside. (Don’t you hate guessing what something will taste like?!) It is a family recipe passed from generation to generation. One family to the next. Made from whole sliced fruit, pith and all, it’s not so much a recipe as a technique. Sunshine is a blend of fruits, sour, sweet, juicy, or colorful; it shows off what the groves give.

Over the years I have made dozens of flavors of marmalades and each flavor submitted for awards has won nothing less than bronze. This year I hope to get the time to bulk up on flavors like Cara Cara Smoked Maple or Blood Orange Red Wine. Is there any flavor you want to see?

Of course you can eat marmalade on toast but have you tried it on chicken? How about in a cocktail or baked into a cake? I personally mix marmalade and mustard as a topping for baked fish.

New flavors will be added on the website & in the Etsy shop. Check out what is in stock now.

The website is going to get some love. It hasn’t worked correctly since 2020 (worst decision ever!). Etsy is a more user friendly platform to buy the same products. -Nancy

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