New Shop, New Site! Potlicker Kitchen


The Potlicker Blog has been trucking along for 4 years now and it’s getting a little tweaking.  Over the past few years there have been recipes (admittedly some are better than others), pictures, and the constant storyline of my food hobbies, my Tall Dark & Handsome (aka Walter), and our life in Vermont.  The plot has twisted a bit as my canning hobby morphed into a full blown career made out of jelly.

There have been some sticky moments (Ha!) as we have navigated our new lives as food producers. We have learned a gazillion things in the past year and know that we will glean so much more. You might have noticed that TDH and I are DIY’ers. This applies to our home life (see InstaJam feed for the chicken coop made out of pallets) and to our business.  It is amazing what you can learn to do when you don’t want to pay anyone else 😉

us 11Did you know that there are just two of us behind ALL of Potlicker?? Currently we make the jelly, print the labels, deliver the orders, attempt social media, and everything between. We even create the websites. As it turns out, copy and paste can be very useful.

Our original page is the Potlicker Blog. Hopefully you will find a few items on the blog more user friendly. Things like the recipe index and search functions are being worked on so that when you search something like “Vegetarian” it will yield more results. Yay for functionality!

So you know and love the original Potlicker blog that brings you updates and recipes. Great! But did you notice the new SHOP tab??  Well check it out! Click the SHOP tab and the link will take you to our brand spanking new site:   Where you can now purchase directly from us!  Hey, it’s the little things in life.

We expect a few other small changes this year and have picked up a couple of projects that just have us tickled pink. Expect our look to change just a wee bit and finally we will have the answer to the hotly debated question “1 piece lid or 2 piece lid?”

Happy Valentine’s Day  ❤   Nancy & Walter.

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