Hot Toddy’s for 2


With all the holiday cheer being passed around you are sure to catch a little more than rogue glitter.  If in fact you find yourself under the weather this season, as I have, then comfort yourself with a warm mug and a spell by the fire.

There are plenty of options to fill said mug with but in our case we have chosen the original thera-flu, a hot toddy.  A good hot toddy will warm your soul as it eases a cough. In fact it is a little like a warm hug to send you to sleep when you are not feeling well. Tall Dark and Handsome likes his much weaker than I do but we both agree that when you are under the weather nothing is more soothing.

Toddys for 2.

  • 1.5c Tea – any tea will work but I prefer Lipton decaf. You can also substitute warm water or apple cider
  • +2Tb honey – local raw honey is preferable for all its health benefits
  • 2-4oz Whiskey
  • 2Tb Lemon
  • 2 thin slice Orange (with peel)
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)

Begin by brewing the tea. While the tea is steeping pour 1-2oz of bourbon/whiskey into 2 warm mugs. Stir the honey into the whiskey until it is dissolved. Add lemon juice and orange slice. Pour hot tea over the mix and stir with cinnamon stick. Taste test. If this is too strong add warm water.

Enjoy and keep well!