How Not To Make Cupcakes

My post for today was going to give you a festive Irish cream cupcake filled with Guinness Beer Jelly and topped with Whisky buttercream. This golden cake would have a kick of Irish cream and hold a pocket of deep flavored beer jelly. Of course this would be topped with whisky frosting.

Instead, something went not so right.  The morning went well with a jelly delivery to Gillingham & Sons. Then the dog and I took a slow limping walk across the town green.  We both desperately needed it! After tearing my ACL, Moose and I have suffered from grouchiness due to lack of exercise. We plotted our way back to the car.

The next stop was at the pet store to buy dog treats. Note to self: purchase treats last next time. He did not open the bag, but he was pile of drool! Gross!

Then I “ran” into the grocery store.  I needed 3 things on opposite corners of the store. Of course.  Still using a crutch to get around in large places, I take a very long time to get anywhere.  The last stop to pick up office supplies might have been a bit too much. By the time I arrived at home, I was sore, tired, and did I mention I forgot the Irish cream?

Key ingredient out. Quick cupcake substitution, chocolate cupcakes.

After stopping to rest, I got started baking. Unlike my better half (my twin sister pasty chef), I am often not an amazing baker. I usually lean toward things that are  a little more forgiving.  Today, even wet + dry (or is it dry + wet?) was challenging.

Shockingly, I also don’t own a stand mixer. So I occasionally beat by hand recipes most people without a stand mixer will not attempt. Among the other issues that I was having included not incorporating the eggs correctly and I forgot the sugar.  Surprisingly, that happened with a 50 pound bag of sugar sitting right next to me. I also baked off one dozen cupcakes before I thought to taste the batter! Doh!

Even the frosting was not great. I think it would be a better whipped cream frosting as opposed to butter cream.

In the end the cupcakes were heavy and greasy tasting with frosting that was thick and cloying.  The best part about it was the beer jelly!

So instead of giving you something wonderful and fresh, I am going to tell you to make these cupcakes instead, and use some beer jelly while you’re at it!

Happy Green Beer Day!