Sunny Side Eggs & Disconnected for Christmas

I have no stove again.

Sometimes I think that I have a personal relationship with the electronic world.  When I am stressed or think that I really need some sort of electronic device, it stops working. Really. I’ve stopped wearing watches and have practically resigned myself to disposable cameras.

A week or so ago, during a night of canning madness, my stove broke. We had just finished a batch of spiced wine jelly, we were halfway through a batch of Maple Roasted Onions, and just starting a batch of winter beer jelly. Upon realizing that my jelly was taking an inordinate amount of time to come to a boil, I noticed that nothing was getting hot. Long story short, the stove was busted just a week before we were to go out of town and a couple of weeks before Christmas. Bah humbug. Oh and I get to tell you this so long after the fact because my computer has a virus and my back up computer was out of town.

But on the sunny side, I have a wood-stove that I know how to cook on.  I also have various other electronic appliances that I am reluctant to use right now.

So with Christmas coming and jelly/cooking motivation grinding to a screeching halt I will make eggs in my cast iron pan, on top of my wood heating stove.  I will also be happily packing my bags so that I can fly off to sunny locales for my Christmas vacation.  I am looking forward to the Holidays, first in Mexico where we will eat tamales and drink tequila and then to Florida, where we will get fresh seafood and cold beer.

With that said, internet will be poor, and contact will be spotty. I apologize for my lack of posts recently but… well…. that’s how it goes sometimes.  With spot on timing, I will be away from the computer and enjoying my family.

Just in case I don’t see you, Merry Christmas!