A taste bud update.

It has been a couple of weeks since I lost my taste buds and I am happy to share that slowly but surely my taste buds are coming back.

I rarely have surprise attacks on my mouth but the raw feeling is not quite gone. The sides of my tongue and most of my mouth are a little tender while the top of the tongue seems void of taste or feeling.

Happily, food tastes like food. This is a huge improvement from a week ago when peanut butter was sweet goo and mashed potatoes were tasteless mush.

Salty has made a surprise re-appearance. First salt was beyond painful, then, I couldn’t taste it at all. Now, even a little bit of salt seems overwhelming. Lots of flavors seem extreme. It can be kind of fun to try a new taste but it can also go really wrong.

I tried a dark chocolate mousse, it started wonderfully sweet and then bolted bitter a crazy shock that made me giggle. The side of my tongue where I tasted the chocolate was a bit dry feeling for a while.

I still miss some of my favorites, cheese still tastes sour, beer is gross, and alcohol burns.

This hasn’t stopped me from cooking, though. Now that I feel up to it, I am making those homey comfort foods that I really want to eat, even if I can’t quite enjoy them yet. Recently I made no knead bread and a luscious pork neck stew just for the healing process of making nourishing foods. To be fair, I just think it was luscious. It was probably a very bland stew being that I couldn’t taste the seasoning and definitely couldn’t add any spice. Tall Dark and Handsome didn’t seem to mind, though.

I think he is just happy that I am up cooking for him instead of him cooking and caring for me.