Making room for piggy.

Yes! It has finally arrived! I have been waiting all year. Yesterday I picked up half a pig butchered just for me. Tall Dark and Handsome has been waiting for this, also. He began nesting by purchasing me a freezer for my birthday…… true love….

The season is changing again, Fall is fleeting. Winter hit us **Blamo** and overnight and we have the first blanket of snow. There is more snow expected over the weekend so I must quickly tidy up the outside and store anything from the garden that I have been procrastinating about. This includes the new task of collecting the now frozen and thawing pumpkins that will rot before Halloween. While I tuck in my small garden, the local farmers are tucking down also. Lucky for me this means selling off all of the fat animals.

Often, I am forced to settle for subpar pig. Never again! In order to ensure that I have ample quality pig all year long I ordered half a pig from a farm a couple of towns over. This is a very easy process for me. Meg, from Fern Ridge Farm, works at the local Co-op so I stopped in to say “Hi” and secure my half. She mailed me a cut sheet a few days later and I simply checked all of the boxes and said “Yes, Please!’ The cut sheet was a very basic butcher order form with all of my options and a yes or no box. I mailed it back with a deposit and secured my spot. Today, I now have a freezer full of hog!

The Pig came to me neatly packaged and ready to use. I ordered my cuts to come in 1-2 serving portions that also included a number of roasts. Each little package is labeled for me. Sausage! Bacon! Ribs! Ham! Chops! Fat Back! I even scored a bonus couple of tongues (seems not many people were as interested as I was).

So if you come to visit me, you will likely get some tastiness made with pork.

I am obviously thrilled to have a plethora of pork, but I am also very pleased knowing that we will be feasting on local food. The pig was lovingly raised, thoughtfully butchered, and will be happily consumed within 30 miles. By eating whole and eating local I reduce my environmental impact & support my neighbors. I practice nourishing traditions and gain a certain satisfaction knowing that I can do so much myself.

first snow oct 27