Loads of Leftover Lemons

So you might have noticed my recent ‘obsession ‘with lemons. It is all actually out of concern for the lemon rind.

You see, at work, we use quantities of fresh squeezed citrus but cannot find use for all the rinds. Crazy, I know. We use a fair bit at work and I bring some home for things like scrubs, but all of those sad unused peels end up in the trash! Poor unwanted rinds! Such a bright future they could have had (or at least a longer life)!

I really was hoping to come up with a great way to use them in quantity with minimal(ish) prep work. No luck there.

I have made some great things and some really bad things with the lemon and lime peels. Surely the various citrus alcohols will be the most popular in the long run.

My most successful projects include:

  • Candied lemon peels
  • Lemon salt. Lemon sugar
  • Limoncello (I’m assuming it will be amazing)
  • Lemon syrup
  • Lemon herb salad dressing
  • Blackberry Lemon jelly

Some less amazing creations include:

  • Marmalade (many batches, assorted results)
  • Roasted lemon butter
  • More marmalade

Obviously, I would really like success with marmalade. Project to be continued….

What would you do with a sack full of lemon rinds?

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