did i take a picture of that?

I had no idea that blogging was such a can of worms! With just a vague idea of what I was doing, I set up shop. Now I have so many things that I want to try and to learn. I want to present my information in the best way. I want to know if you see things the same way I do. I want to explore my natural food sources more and cultivate my tech knowledge to share my food ideas.

Since I’ve started blogging I suddenly feel the need to document everything. Taking pictures of every meal.  I some how feel over whelmed by this new outlet.  So many things to learn, never ending things I can do, study, try.  I want to present informatively and timely.  I want to be relevant.  Sometimes I only have two sentences to offer but I hope that my two cents are insightful. 

I try to eat whole and thoughtfully. Meaning that I want my foods to be slow foods. Lovingly prepared and eaten and shared with whomever can fit in the door. I want to eat the freshest ingredients beginning in their rawest form.

I have found it easiest to share those meals which I am preparing during the week. Somehow it is less pressure to tell you what I’m eating than about what I’m eating,

I hope that I can expand upon the cultural and historical information that I can share.

I also find that some things I start to make and photograph get pushed down the line for publishing because I just have more that I want to say about that dish or idea.  For example, I have ideas on lavender & I’ve been playing with my food, making my tongue tacos, but that has yet to be published. 

I hope to bring you more raw information and cultural observation, if I can just word it correctly…