we are just getting started!

It’s no surprise, I love food.  I come from a family that does food well. (that’s an understatement!) You might call us foodies.  I believe in slow food and eating together.  I enjoy the culture and history of food as much as I enjoy preparing and eating food.  I love to travel to see the sights and visit museums, but mostly I travel to explore wonderful new foods.
As a field archaeologist exploring others material culture and history for the past 6 years, I spent a lot of time wandering in remote areas and happened upon many edible morsels.  Much to my husbands displeasure, I often harvested things like wild garlic, berries, mushrooms, weeds, and snails and slipped them into meals. 
I take great pleasure in preparing a meal from harvest to table.  I want to handle my food in its purest form.  I want to know the history and tradition behind my food.
I have started this blog because I have ideas to share, tips to offer, and stories to tell.
Other things to know about me… I have two talented sisters also into food. My twin sister has a degree in pastry arts and is passionate about wedding cakes. Our big sister is a nutritionist and registered dietician, teaching others what effect their food choices have on their lives.
I try to lead an active and healthy lifestyle by competing in races such as triathlon and marathons (I have to do something to counter act all the wonderful food I consume!).
Moving recently from the south to much colder climates in the north gives me a different realm of food to explore and new people to share my culture and perspective with. 

I am excited to share my food love with you. Together, through trial and error, we will try recipes, create flavor profiles, learn of food origins, experience culture, share kitchen and household tips, and hopefully we all learn something along the way. 
I hope that you enjoy the kitchen as much as I do!

happy cooking

-the pot licker

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  1. Your uncle Greg and I have been POURING over your site!! Today I bought the ingredients for the poblano and corn bread skillet meal….YUM!!

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